Kitaro Live in Nara, Japan

Kitaro’s concert video has been uploaded at Domo YouTube Channel.
This video had recorded from the wings of the stage, so
it is not clear but people who could not come the concert still can see Kitaro concert.

You can find more videos at Domo YouTube Channel.

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3 Comments to Kitaro Live in Nara, Japan

  1. Domo Staff says:

    Hello everybody,
    He had concert in San Francisco Bay area in June 2009. He performed at Harmony Festival. He will keep doing World Tour next year too, so please check his official site and We will post his latest news.
    Thank you for all your support!
    Domo Staff

  2. Ian Iljas says:

    My wife and I keep waiting for Kitaro to return to the San Francisco Bay Area. We have seen him every time he has toured here. Any idea if he will be doing a U.S. tour?

  3. Sylvia Martin says:

    Oh, how I wish Kitaro would come back to Washington, DC. He should perform at the White House for President Obama and First Lady Michele. He brings love and peace with his music, I love listening to him. So spiritual.
    Peace & Love