NY Times’ concert review of Fuzjko Hemming

It was great Fuzjko Hemming concert at Alice Tully Center on
September 18th (Fri).
Here is New York Times’ concert review.
A Long Musical Journey Includes a Lincoln Center Debut
Published: September 21, 2009

Julieta Cervantes for The New York Times
It would be hard for any decent-hearted listener, having read about the 77-year-old pianist Fuzjko Hemming’s personal struggles, not to root for her. Born in Berlin to a Japanese mother and a Swedish-Russian father, she was reared by her mother under difficult circumstances in Japan, where she studied piano as a child. She lost hearing in her right ear as a teenager after an inflammation. She trained at conservatories in Tokyo, Berlin and Vienna. Then a cold left her deaf in her other ear. While undergoing medical treatment, she worked as a janitor at a psychiatric hospital to support herself.
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