Kitaro World Report Vol.6

Kitaro World Report vol.6
Hello everyone. How are you doing?
My 2009 tour started from Asia and India.
I have played in Singapore and Malaysia many times,
but it was my first time to play in India.
We was going to play at Targe Mahal first, but
we need to change the place because of terrorism in Mumbai.
And finally, we could play in New Deli.
Local people told that we visited good time in India (March)
because of the temperature.
If we go to India in April, the temperature is over 120 F (50 C)!!!
It took for a long time to set up the stage and rehearsal,
so I was worried that we could play concert in India.
But, we had great 2 shows in India!
[My schedule in 2009]
I am going to play at Mt. Fuji (August).
After that, I play concert in Nara, Tokyo, and Nagoya (Japan) in September.
I have not had big concert in Japan for a while, so please come to my show!
It will be great show.
I am recording new album, “Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol.4” in my Studio.
I will release it this year, so please wait for a while.
See you next time!
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2 Comments to Kitaro World Report Vol.6

  1. Tim van Veen says:

    Dear Kitaro,
    As a great admirer of your music from the beginning and host in the Netherlands for 20 years I am longing for an European Tour…….to see you perform after many years of absence in the surroundings of the Netherlands………….
    Hope to meet you!??
    Warm Regards
    Tim van Veen
    “Soon…comes the Night”
    Radio Ridderkerk
    The Netherlands

  2. Patricia Ann Trinacria says:

    Hello Kitaro,
    How are you? It is nice to hear from You. When will you tour USA especially Philadelphia, PA?
    I just graduated school Food Service Training where I learn to prepare food, cook, and bake.
    I am looking for a job and have a hard time getting it. It is tough out there. People with college degrees can not get a job. I have an
    Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at Philadelphia Community College. I had high grades that year qualifying for honor roll. I had high grades in Food Service at Employment Partners in Philadelphia.
    I would not be able to make Harmony Fest this year, I have no money and no job. May be next year.
    Last Saturday May 30 was my birthday, I just turned 48 years old.
    Patricia Ann Trinacria