Kitaro World Report Vol.5

Kitaro World Report vol.5
(top of left side pic)
I participated in the ceremony of Mochitsuki (kneading Rice Cake)
in San Francisco, December 2008.
A lots of people joined the event and enjoyed together.
(top of middle pic)
Kitaro Music Event in Aichi, Japan where I was born.
I played in Japanese temple with a special guest, Ushiyama
for world peace.
::: Kitaro Love and Peace World Tour 2008 report :::
I have played two concerts in Athene and Thessaloniki.
It was my first time to visit Greece, but people welcomed me warmly.
I wish I can come back this country and play this monument someday.
Unfortunately, I could not go India and Dubai last year,
but finally, I am going to tour both countries, China, Japan, and more counties.
I am so excited !!!
As soon as we confirm the Tour Schedule,
I will announce at domo’s website.
I am also making a new album “Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol.4”.
This album will be release in September 2009.
Please wait for a while.

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