New Label DARUMA LABEL MySpace Open!

Hello Friends,
We are glad to announce that we open new label,
DARUMA LABEL, under Domo Music Group.
DARUMA LABEL MySpace has just opened !
Please check the MySpace.
You will see 1st artist from Daruma.

Daruma Label

Established in Los Angeles in 2009, Daruma is a brand new record label
focused on Japanese artists with no genre boundaries.
This fresh, new branch of Domo Records
(the label of Grammy Winning Japanese recording artist, KITARO) nurtures
Japanese acts of outstanding originality and
showcases excellent live performances to United States audiences.
Domo Records’ 15 years of experience will guide Daruma’s special
focus in bringing the Japanese niche market
into the mainstream of pop culture,
unleashing a whole new spectrum of music.
Crossing borders of both language and nations,
Daruma will be the record label for the new generation.


CLICK DARUMA LOGO to go to MySpace

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