Anime Expo ’08 report

What did you do during July 4th Weekend?
Did you watch fireworks?
Domo Staffs went to Anime Expo 2008!
Los Angeles, California (July 6, 2008) — 43,000 unique attendees
came to the streets of downtown Los Angeles to participate in the biggest
Anime and Manga event of the year held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
People wear so many different costumes and
they made those costumes by themselves!!!
Here are some of them.

Click Here for more Anime Expo ’08 info

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  1. I love anime. Specifically, series regarding some of the following things: odd fantasy factors, super-powers, robots, aliens, wicked wittiness, crazy villains, horror, ninjas and samurai. I think that implies I like a bunch of anime.

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