Nao Watanabe joins a compilation album

Nao Watanabe sings in 5 tracks of the new
Flavor Bossa Case Tears compilation album.
This is her first group of cover songs from famous Japanese soundtracks
and includes original compositions.
Nao is broadening her experience exploring this new style of music.
These are songs about love, friends, and parting and
will bring tears to your emotions…

Song List
01. 遠く遠く (tangerine.) / Toku Toku
02. 瞳がほほえむから (tangerine.) / Hitomiga Hohoemu Kara
03. もらい泣き (tangerine.) / Morai Naki
04. 恋におちて (Nao Watanabe) / Koini Ochite
05. 涙そうそう (Nao Watanabe) / Nada Sousou
06. First Love (tangerine.) / First Love
07. Everything (tangerine.) / Everything
08. 花 (Nao Watanabe) / Hana
09. 言葉にできない (Nao Watanabe) / Kotobani Dekinai
10. Tenderness (Nao Watanabe) / Tenderness
• ( ) song by
01.遠く遠く (Noriyuki Makihara)
02.瞳がほほえむから (Miki Imai)
03.もらい泣き (Hitotoyou)
04.恋におちて (Akiko Kobayashi)
05.涙そうそう (Rimi Natsukawa)
06.First Love (Hikaru Utada)
07.Everything (MISIA)
08.花 (Shokich Kina)
09.言葉にできない (Of-course)
10.Tenderness (Nao Watanabe)
• ( ) Original Artist Name
Total Produced by tangerine
Nao Watanabe
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