Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol.1

Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai is first in a series of albums intended to address
personal and global concerns alongside forward-thinking views of spiritual growth.
Kitaro has embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage, visiting temples on the island of
Shikoku, Japan once undertaked by Buddhist holy man, Ku-Kai, more than
1,100 years ago. Sampling bells sounds from each temple,
Kitaro distills their essence with inspired musical landscapes.
With guest artists from around the world, it is Kitaro’s intention that his
message of peace through music will inspire and unify us universally in global
and spiritual co-existence.
“The wars of the world don’t come from outer space. People creat them,
people who have a war within themselves.
I want to creat music that eases that war within.” – KITARO

Click the album jacket to listen samples

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