Analog by Peas : a lo-fi, dub, lounge exploration for a post-pandemic world

Album Release Date: July 16, 2021

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Peter McEvilley began producing downtempo electronic music in Los Angeles in 2003 under the name “Peas.”  His first release, “Filters,” debuted at number two on the iTunes electronic music charts.  It was also top ten on college radio.  The album, which was favorably reviewed by critics, utilized several samples from Grammy Award winning artist, Kitaro.

Following the success of the album, McEvilley was hired to write and produce custom music for film and television for ABC, Sony Pictures, CBS Films, Columbia Pictures, and many more.  He was also awarded a gold record for a song he produced on Hilary Duff’s album, “Imagine.” 

Other notable works include the score for the Japanese anime, “Ninja Scroll,” production work on the “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind,” soundtrack, original scores for several indie films, and custom music for various television commercials.

His latest release, “Analog,” which comes out July 16, 2021, on Domo Music Group, is described by McEvilley as a “lo-fi, dub, lounge exploration for a post-pandemic world.”  The album was recorded at his new studio in the San Francisco bay area during the pandemic.  With the help of modern recording technology, he worked virtually with several vocalists and instrumentalists from around the world.

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30 Icons Of Echoes : Kitaro

From the top of Mt. Fuji, the 29th Icon of Echoes, Kitaro, arrives. The Japanese electronic composer has created a stream of otherworldly sounds since the late 1970s. We’ll hear a profile of this artist from his days in The Far East Family Band to his emergence as a solo artist and up through Kojiki and his long-lived career.

See the complete list of 30 Icons for 30 Years of Echoes.

Here Kitaro playing live on Echoes from 2001 here.

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Morning Café – An Invigorating Compilation by Domo Music

By BT Fasmer –   June 16, 2021

Fresh as a cup of coffee, the “Morning Café” compilation offers an awakening and stimulating mix of music. Its genre-defying style guarantees that everyone will find something to their liking. It is like a buffet, filled with inspiring and eclectic songs – from Luis Villegas’s guitar and Dave Eggar’s reggae to Dub by Peas – and much more. Bon Appétit!

If you are not used to listening to music in the morning, you really miss out on something good, something that doesn’t have the negative aspects of caffeine. Tami Walker on writes: “Start your day by listening to positive music or reading a motivational book. This sets you up to have a better day because you’ll have a positive mindset and a good attitude.” So put on “Morning Café” – and perhaps grab a book or two – and you are well on your way to a new and healthy morning habit!

Noches Guitanas
The album opener, “Noches Guitanas”, is by Luis Villegas. It is taken from another restaurant-inspired release, “Café Olé” (1998). The piece has everything; life, movement, warmth, and a cool attitude. It is the perfect soundtrack for a restaurant or wherever you spend your morning. Next out is the extremely talented Dave Eggar’s “Earth’s Paradise” (from “Kingston Morning”, 2010). The reggae vibe further underlines the atmosphere and tells us to adjust our ears and expect variation.

We are still in paradise as “Looks Like Heaven”, by Peas and Vanessa Britting, comes on. Its smooth jazz arrangement and the fast beat are delightful. Luna is represented with two pieces on the compilation. The first is a nice version of Air’s “Alone In Kyoto”, one of the hit band’s most popular tracks. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

Follow Me to the Sun
Dave Eggar’s second appearance is “Follow Me to the Sun”. It is very different from “Earth’s Paradise”, with some world-class cello segments. Also, notice the mixing. Wow, what a treat it is! Talking about mixing, each track has a “remixed” on them, ensuring that the compilation is mastered to perfection.

The last part of the compilation is a bit more dreamy and reflective. “The Field” by Tao of Sound has a nice flute and rhythm. New Age music fans will feel right at home, or should I say – in the field. It is always easy to envision being out in nature when listening to Tao of Sound’s music. Then there are Spanish guitars on the menu; Benedetti & Svoboda’s “Moresca”, before Luna’s second piece comes on, easily one of the best here: “Back to You”.

Peas’ “Low Pass Dub” binds this part of the compilation together, adding that coolness that “Morning Café” is all about. Another winner is Dino Malito’s “Tienshan”, the second track on his highly popular 2018 EP. If you are listening on Spotify, notice the inspiring Song Canvas – as seen to your right. Fantastic!!

The last dish on the menu is something quite different. Steve Anderson’s “Beau Soir, L. 6” rounds off the album beautifully and prepares you for the day ahead.

In conclusion: You know the feeling when you are sitting in a café and enjoying a surprisingly tasty meal – and you think; in this kitchen, they are doing everything right? I had the same feeling the first time I heard Domo Music’s “Morning Café”. It is a caffeine and fat-free, 100 % positive start to your day. The word eclectic is often overused, but here it is spot on. The mix of reggae with chill, dub with New Age music and classical, is just that. Eclectic, in the best sense of the word. “Morning Café” also shows the value of expertly curated playlists and not something put together by a CPU.

There is no shortage of album and playlists which promise to make your mornings better – but the winning formula here is the mix of upbeat AND meditative pieces. It is a little bit of everything, yet its core is not pop or reggae but instrumental pieces. It is cool, but it is also relaxing. Not many releases have this quality. You don’t want your mornings to be too loud or high energy either, making your batteries run out long before lunch.

You know what they say; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Accompanied by “Morning Café”, your day is off to a great start. Highly recommended!

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Kitaro & Hiroki Okano perform The Winds Of Heaven

Kitaro and Hiroki Okano perform at the Tenkawa Benzaiten Shrine in Yoshino, Nara, Japan on November 3rd, 2019 Review

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Hiroki Okano’s Emergence From Awai: Music For Helio Compass 2021

Album Release Date: May 21, 2020

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Emergence From Awai: Music For Helio Compass 2021 is a 50-minute grand musical score by Hiroki Okano featuring AKIRA∞IKEDA

“This 2021 version of the HELIO COMPASS music series is now the fifth collaboration with Hiroki Okano, Japan’s leading ambient music composer. Through this project, we have strived to craft unconventional musical works by rendering the one-year movement of the entire solar system to a grand musical score. The fourth work, entitled Quantum Leap Breeze: Music For Helio Compass 2020,stirred up the global ambient music scene. Even though this recording spans a lengthy 50 minutes,many radio stations in the U.S.A. aired the work in full, while in the U.K. it reached number 13 on the ambient music chart. We are delighted to see this series blazing a new trail in the world of music. 

This entire composition features an arrangement of sounds every few seconds. Each and every sound perfectly coincides with this year’s astronomical events, such as the twenty four seasonal divisions and the moon phases, as well as planetary alignments. Opening with a sound to ring in the Vernal Equinox,the music goes on, past the Autumnal Equinox halfway through its course, to complete a full-circle journey from the year 2021 to 2022. As one single breath is likened to a human life, this one piece of music represents the one-year cycle of the vastness of time and space.

Thanks to AKIRA∞IKEDA, the Kyoto-based musician who collaborated with Helio Compass in this recording. The entire composition strikes the perfect balance between the sounds created by these two talented artists. The music they perform is harmonized with the sounds of nature, such as songs of Japanese bush warblers in Kitayama, Kyoto; the babbling of a brook in Yakushima; insects chirping in the Three Mountains of Dewa; the sounds of sudden showers in the tropic and waves in Maui; and the songs of whales. It is as though their music resonates the spirit of all life on Earth.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, we have been facing unprecedented challenges, such as natural disasters, the Covid-19 pandemic, and political and economical tensions. It is certain that these moments signify a major turning point globally. We are pleased to release the 2021 version,envisioning our new future in which humankind will work in cooperation on this planet, in our universe” – Hiroki Okano

Music by Hiroki Okano, featuring AKIRA∞IKEDA
Natural sound designed by Hiroki Okano
Natural sound recorded by Hiroki Okano, AKIRA∞IKEDA, Satoru Nakada, Hiroyuki Nakano
Recorded by Hiroki Okano, AKIRA∞IKEDA
Mixed by Hiroki Okano
Mastered by Hiroki Okano, Daichi Yuhara (Studio You)
Additional musicians: Miwafuku, Junko Okano
Concept designed by Kaichi Sugiyama 
Illustrated & Designed by Emi Sugiyama
Translation by Sayako Kidokoro (TRUNK)  
Collaboration Partner: Ecological Memes Global Forum 2021 
Emergence From AWAI: Regenerating Human-Nonhuman Relations

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New Age Music Guide reviews Seda Bagcan’s Mantrance Joy

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If you want to take your meditation to the next level, look no further. “Mantrance Joy” is an upbeat and ecstatic collection of remixed mantras from Seda Bağcan’s previous albums. You will sense right away that this is an album made with the listener in mind; there are even extended versions of each song included. Seda Bağcan has delivered a phenomenal release filled to the brim with joy, rhythm, and fantastic mantra melodies.

Seda Bağcan‘s musical life began at a very early age; when she was six, she had her first concert experience accompanying the Ankara Radio Turkish Music Orchestra and Choir. She was seven years old when she began taking piano and harmony lessons, at the same time, she became a member of the Ankara Music Association’s Children’s choir. Since 1990 she has been practicing Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, and Jivamukti Yoga. She is a yoga teacher and a performing artist who conducts yoga classes. During her yoga performing sessions, she discovered mantra music.

In her albums, recorded with dedication and love, Seda aimed to mingle Turkish music sounds with the mantras. As a result, a perfect musical compilation of Seda has been accomplished in her first album, “Sunrise” and then the second album “Remember“. In 2012 she released her third album, “Sufi Soul Neyim“. About “Mantrance Joy”, Seda says: “If we want to stay healthy, we must stay in love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.  These vibes can help protect us against any illness or unwanted events.”

Wahe Joi
The album opener is called “Wahe Joi”. The mantra of ecstasy sounds ecstatic in every sense of the word. The arrangement is a delightful and highly danceable mix of electro and trance. Seda Bağcan’s magnificent vocal is our guide in this divine soundscape. There’s even a violin somewhere in the background. And most importantly, it is highly meditative.

The “Har Har Gobinde” mantra breaks down the barriers of the past. I love the trance intro and the super optimistic sound of the mantra. The steel-string instrument is also a nice touch, connecting us with the past. And wow, what a treat “Triple Mantra” is! It is so dark and enigmatic, but Bağcan is lucky here to guide us along. There’s a hint of house music, too but at center stage is the ancient-sounding flute. “Triple Mantra” is bold and inspired.

Mul Mantra
Moving on, the quick and refreshing “Mul Mantra” makes the heart beat faster, while the glorious “Adi Shakti” has a nice pop vibe. The “Guru Ram Das” mantra is fantastic in any context, and Seda’s version is beautiful beyond words. Its larger-than-life sound feels deeply healing.

The ballad “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio” is the unforgettable album closer, giving the listener a warm feeling that lasts for a long time. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself:

As mentioned above, all mantras have an extended version – making this into a true treasure chest for new and old fans!

In conclusion: Artists often call their music a gift to the world. That is often, at best, an overstatement. Listening to “Mantrance Joy” though, that such a statement seems to be an undeniable truth. It really is a gift! It is impossible to feel sad while listening to “Mantrance Joy”. Indeed, I find it hard to sit still when playing the hyper-modern versions of these ancient mantras. Get ready to feel some genuine mantrance joy!!

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Morning Café: an inspired and eclectic mix of music to start your day

Release Date: May 21st, 2020

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The morning.  The rejuvenation this time brings us.  Fresh with a promise of possibility waking alongside routine’s reassuring comfort.  The ambience of gentle golden light piercing the veil of dawn, tranquil yet invigorating.  The serenity of confidence and calm as each day brings a new beginning.  

It’s the slow pour of the coffee, the aroma that fills the room.  It’s the soundtrack of awakening, as thoughts fill the mind, easing into the flow of today.  The body responds, almost reflexively, to the rising sun, to the rising spirit, full of inspiration and connection.

Listen as the sounds of the morning surround you.  Listen as the eclectic mix of electronic pulses meet the electric pulses of mind and body, as they open the world to you once again.  Listen as the motivations meet the meditations; the renewal meets the ritual.  Listen to the morning and all that it brings with it to begin another day of possibility, of promise, of life.

Review by Keith “MuzikMan Hannaleck”

Album Track List:

          01. NOCHES GUITANAS by Luis Villegas
          02. EARTH’S PARADISE by Dave Eggar
          03. LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN by Peas
          04. ALONE IN KYOTO by Luna
          05. FOLLOW ME TO THE SUN by Dave Eggar
          06. THE FIELD by Tao Of Sound
          07. MORESCA by Benedetti & Svoboda
          08. BACK TO YOU by Luna
          09. LOW PASS DUB by Peas
          10. TIENSHAN by Dino Malito
          11. BEAU SOIR, L.6 by Steve Anderson

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Kitaro to perform in special live stream event on March 6th

Kitaro to perform “Silk Road” and “Kojiki And The Universe” in special live stream event on March 6th at 19:00 JST (GMT +09:00)

Los Angeles, CA (March 1, 2021) Kitaro, world-renowned and award-winning composer, will be performing at an event that is in support to designate four territories in Japan’s Ryukyu Islands as World Heritage Sites. 

World Heritage Sites are designed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Japanese government has proposed UNESCO to designate the northern part of Okinawa Island (Yanbaru) as well as Amami-Oshima, Tokunoshima, Iriomote Islands as World Heritage Sites this year. These islands have existed in isolation for many centuries and contain a high proportion of endemic and rare species. 

The concert program will consist of two parts. The first part will be a special performance of “Silk Road” by Kitaro that will include hand-picked videos that spans multiple decades. The second part will be a performance with a video presentation of “Kojiki And The Universe.” The unique visual experience will merge Kitaro’s critically acclaimed album “Kojiki” with space-age photographic scenes of the Universe. The video will feature time-lapse images, expertly intertwined with real-time films provided by and in cooperation with NASA and Kyoto University. Kitaro will be performing live with violinist Shizuka Kashima.

The performance will be on Saturday March 6, 2021, 19:00 Japan Standard Time (GMT +09:00) and will be streamed live on YouTube. The concert program will be broadcasted by the Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) on April 29, 2021.

This event will be sponsored by NPO Yanbaru Regional Activity Support Center. Additionally, it will be co-sponsored by Okinawa Kaiho Bank, Cultivate Inc., and Japan Post Okinawa Branch. Also supporting this event is NTT West Okinawa Branch Kunigami.

For more information:

Social Media:

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Seda Bağcan’s Mantrance Joy : Mantra Music For Celestial Joy

Release Date: February 5th, 2020

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Mantrance Joy (Mantra Music For Celestial Joy) is a collection of remixed mantras from Seda Bagcan’s previous albums.  This album consists of sixteen tracks, including one short and one long version of each mantra.

The remixes were compiled to help listeners increase their spiritual balance, focus and concentration to achieve inner peace and joy.

As Seda notes, “If we want to stay healthy, we must stay in love, joy, peace and enlightenment.  These vibes can help protect us against any illness or unwanted events.”

Track Listing:

  1. Wahe Jio
  2. Har Har Gobinde
  3. Triple Mantra
  4. Mul Mantra
  5. Adi Shakti
  6. Guru Ram Das
  7. Shumnu Amai Uruk Akai
  8. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
  9. Wahe Jio (Extended Version)
  10. Har Har Gobinde (Extended Version)
  11. Triple Mantra (Extended Version)
  12. Mul Mantra (Extended Version)
  13. Adi Shakti (Extended Version)
  14. Guru Ram Das (Extended Version)
  15. Shumnu Amai Uruk Akai (Extended Version)
  16. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (Extended Version)

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Kitaro’s Celestial Scenery Collection

Buy Now | Exclusively at the Domo store

This is a 10 volume digital box set with 93 songs (approximately 9 hrs and 30 minutes of music).  The file is 1.27 GB.

This box set features a selection of tracks from Kitaro’s studio albums (including Tenku, The Light Of The Spirit, Kojiki, Best Of Ten Years, Dream, Cirque Ingenieux and the Grammy Award winning album Thinking Of You) and live albums (An Enchanted Evening, Live In America).

Additionally, it includes recordings by Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechog and Chinese Erhu player Yu-Xiao Guang produced by Kitaro.

Produced by Kitaro
Executive Producer: Eiichi Naito
Remastered by Dino Malito
Graphic Design by Kio Griffith

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