Happy Nowruz from Kitaro!

Happy Nowruz to everyone celebrating!

Nowruz is the Iranian New Year also known as the Persian New Year. Kitaro and Domo hope this Nowruz brings you joy and peace to you and your love ones.

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Domo Records to release Music For Sleep on February 8th featuring music by Kitaro, Dave Eggar, Hiroki Okano, Dino Malito and Fumio Miyashita

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 30, 2019) – To relax.  To disconnect from the tentacles of 24/7 technology.  To truly unplug.  It’s become more than a goal.  It’s become a necessity.  And, it’s become more difficult than ever to do, especially when we sleep.  Essential to one’s complete physical, emotion and mental health, the deeper and more tranquil sleep, the better.  The answer to those better nights lies with music.

Think of the baby and the lullaby; how the gentle sounds, almost instinctively, hypnotically induce a calming, soothing state ideal for sleeping.  Slower rhythms with soft sonic edges, played at a consistent volume, encourage deep relaxation, blocking out distractions, and helping the body to quickly find and maintain its natural sleep rhythm.  Music is the medicine.

Chronic sleep problems can be physically draining, and turn what should be hours of blissful escape into anxiety-ridden nightly recurrences.  Set aside the daily grind and unwind with music designed specifically to promote soothing dream states, and provide more rejuvenation in the morning.  Not to mention the proven benefits of lower heart rate and lower blood pressure, reduced insomnia, and increased energy the next day.

It’s time to fall asleep faster, wake-up less, and feel more rested in the morning.  It’s time for Music For Sleep.

Download or buy this album at the Domo Store.

Listen to Music For Sleep at Apple Music

Listen to Wind Invitation by Kitaro at Spotify
Listen To Great Voyage by Dino Malito at Spotify

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Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/domomusicgroup
Twitter    https://twitter.com/domomusic
YouTube   https://www.youtube.com/domomusic

01 Hiroki Okano – Topanga Canyon
02 Kitaro – Wind Invitation
03 Dave Eggar – Breathe
04 Fumio Miyashita – Back To Nature
05 Dino Malito – Great Voyage
06 Kitaro – Water Miracle
07 Benedetti & Svoboda – Sueno
08 Dave Eggar – Dream Of Ice
09 Hiroki Okano – Haruka
10 Ema & Esoh – Lullaby Of Wind
11 Steve Anderson – Suite Bergamasque, L. 75: III. Clair De Lune

Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito
Artists + Repertoire, Compilation Producer : Dino Malito
Marketing + Promotions : Atsuko Mizuta, Tomoko Kakimoto
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith / 9rpm.com

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NEW RELEASE – Kotahi Te Wairua

Kotahi Te Wairua present a re-telling of the ancient Maori myth of Ranginui and Pāpātuanuku.

These entities from Maori mythology, the Sky-father and Earth-mother, existed locked in a loving embrace.  Their progeny, the young Gods, grew tall and strong and in their desperate struggle for space forcibly separated the parents.  In their struggle for identity and independence the young Gods created the natural world, as we know it, leaving Rangi and Pāpā in aching separation forever.

Now you can download this album at Domo Store.

Unity Of Spirit
Obsessive Love Of Rangi And Papa
The Young Gods
Living In Darkness
The Plotting
The Young Gods Strike
The Wrath Of Tawhiri Matea
New Life Springs Forth
Tears For Papa
Beauty Of The Pacific
Love Received, Love Returned

Kotahi Te Wairua are:
Gail Tipene  (Vocals)
Sharon Emirali  (Vocals)
Anthony Grey  (Keyboards, Vocals)
Stephen Small  (Keyboards)


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Seda Bagcan New Release “LOVE” Now On Sale


Seda Bağcan’s sixth album will unify your consciousness with love, light and peace.

 All instruments on this album were tuned and recorded at 444 Hz in order to achieve the 528 Hz frequency, also known as the Love frequency. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, this frequency resonates and connects our heart and spiritual essence to our planet and universe.


01. We Are All Love
02. I Pray For Love
03. Pacha Mama
04. Shumnu Amai
05. Ad Guray Nameh
06. Hari Har Hari
07. Adi Shakti

CD and MP3 Available at Domo Store

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Seda Bağcan Artist Page

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Dino Malito Puts a New Acoustic Twist on Five Iconic Kitaro Compositions in an EP To Be Released By Domo Music Group on May 4th, 2018

Los Angeles, CA (March 2018) – With an eye toward exploration and re-imagination of some of its core catalog, Domo Music Group will release a five song EP by recording artist Dino Malito. The tracks are acoustic versions of early, iconic compositions by New Age Grammy and Golden-Globe award winner, Kitaro.
Rather than utilizing an array of synthesizers, as is Kitaro’s trademark style, this EP takes the original music masters on a transformational journey through the use of acoustic guitars, ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer and shamisen textured with David Gilmour-esque guitar leads. Kitaro fans will be comforted to hear some of their most cherished melodies and themes while allowing Malito to bring them on a unique and tasteful voyage that breathes new life into these beloved classics.

All songs arranged, performed and produced by Dino Malito.

Recorded by Dino Malito at Orlando II, Los Angeles, CA 
Mixed and Mastered by Tim Gennert

Dino Malito : Electric + Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Shamisen

Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito 
Marketing & Promotions : Atsuko Mizuta, Tomoko Kakimoto 
Public Relations : Craig Melone / Hands On P.R.

Album Art + Design : Kio Griffith / 9rpm.com 
Cover Painting + Photography : “Oil Spill #8” 2017 by Kio Griffith

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Kitaro Nominated For the 60th Grammy Awards!

Kitaro Captures His 17th Grammy Award Nomination in the Best New Age Album Category for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony January 28, 2018 in New York City


Los Angeles, CA (November 28, 2017) – For the 17th time, Golden Globe and Grammy-Award winning composer, musician and recording artist Kitaro has captured a Grammy Award Nomination for this year’s 60th anniversary of the Grammy Awards. Kitaro’s Best New Age Album Grammy nomination is for his full-length album release Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Volume 5. Commenting on his Grammy nomination, Kitaro said, “I want to thank the Grammy and NARAS and Recording Academy members and voters, as well as all of the Domo Records team for making this nomination a reality. I am extremely proud of this project and am pleased to have it received in such a positive manner.”
Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 5 follows the highly acclaimed Volumes 1 through 4 of the series, all of which have earned Grammy nominations. The Ku-Kai series concept arose after the global events on the fateful day of September 11, 2001. Kitaro was traveling on a jet from Japan to Los Angeles when the transcontinental flight was diverted to Hawaii for five days due to the tragedy. It was during this time of disbelief and uncertainty that Kitaro envisioned the Ku-Kai series as a means of uniting the world through music embracing his frequently referenced universal message of peace.
The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 5 release is an earthly voyage that transports the listener to Shikoku, Japan. It pays homage to the beloved Buddhist holy man Ku-Kai who traveled the 750-mile long pilgrimage to the eight-eight sacred temples on the island over 1100 years ago. Each track on the album revolves around an audio sample of the bell sound from each temple. With these bell sounds; Kitaro distills their essences with inspired musical interpretations.
The Recording Academy will present the Grammy Awards on Sunday January 28th live from Madison Square Garden in New York. The festivities will be broadcast on the CBS Television Network from 7:30-11:00 pm Eastern Time and 4:30-8:00 pm Pacific Time.
Kitaro on Tour: Kitaro’s international “Kojiki & The Universe” Tour played to capacity audiences this year in exotic locations including London, Istanbul and Romania. The Grammy and Golden Globe Winning artist returned to the West Coast for the LIVE in CONCERT production of “Kojiki And The Universe” that merged Kitaro’s Grammy nominated music from the album “Kojiki” with space-age photographic scenes of the Universe. “Kojiki and The Universe LIVE” featured time-lapse images, expertly intertwined with real-time films provided by and in cooperation with Kyoto University’s Astronomy Professor Kazunari Shibata, NASA, and The Hubble Space Telescope. Taiko drumming and Butoh dancing enriched the program.

For more information, visit DomoMusicGroup.com/Kitaro



For more information:

Facebook www.facebook.com/Kitaro
Twitter www.twitter.com/Kitaronetwork
Instagram www.instagram.com/officialkitaro/
YouTube www.youtube.com/kitarotv


Follow Kitaro on SNS
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Kitaro Artist Page

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Kitaro Will Be Back To Singapore And Malaysia This December

KITARO is coming back to Asia for the holiday season!

It has been more than 6 years since he last peformed in Malaysia and his upcoming new tour “KOJIKI & the Universe” will promise audience with a unique and visually-inspiring concert experience, merging the artist’s Grammy nominated music “KOJIKI” album with dynamic space-age photographic scenes of the Universe. The live concert will feature time-lapse images, expertly intertwined with real-time films provided by and in cooperation with NASA and Kyoto University.

KITARO’s “KOJIKI & the Universe” Live Tour was first performed on 20th April in California. The tour reached major cities in Europe, including London and Istanbul, impressing audience with his fascinating music arrangement where they are calling it an “out of this world” performance.

Catch this magical performance and go beyond time and space with Japanese legendary new age musician KITARO while you usher into Christmas with your loved ones

December 22nd   Singapore
Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands
* Tickets will be available on September 16th.

December 24th
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting

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 Kitaro, whose international “Kojiki & The Universe” Tour has played to capacity audiences this year in such diverse locations as London, Istanbul and Romania, now returns to the West Coast with a unique tour of sacred venues, including the iconic Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, where historic sacred jazz concerts by legends Duke Ellington and Vince Guaraldi have been recorded and etched into the fabric of musical folklore.


Grace Cathedral


NOV. 16 – LA JOLLA, Ca.  – Garfield Theatre at the Lawrence Family JCC 

NOV. 17 – LOS ANGELES – Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Nov 18 – SAN FRANCISCO –  Grace Cathedral

Nov 19 – HEALDSBURG, Ca. –  Raven Performing Arts Theater

Nov 30 – PORTLAND – First Congregational UCC

Tickets for Seattle show will be available on September 6th.

DEC. 1 – SEATTLE – Center for Spiritual Living 


Presenting a totally unique visual experience, the LIVE in CONCERT presentation of “Kojiki and The Universe” merges Kitaro’s Grammy nominated music from the album “Kojiki” with space-age photographic scenes of the Universe. “Kojiki and The Universe LIVE” features time-lapse images, expertly intertwined with real-time films provided by and in cooperation with  Kyoto University’s Astronomy Professor Kazunari Shibata.  NASA, and The Hubble Space Telescope. Taiko drumming and Butoh dancing enriches this program. An inner journey of the soul featuring Kitaro performing his music with the mysterious and evocative Butoh dancing of Aya Irizuki accompanied by Tenrin Taiko company and violin soloist DeLaney. Kitaro journeys us to outer space and beyond with music and simulation and original NASA, Hubble Space Telescope and simulation images all set to the mythology of Kojiki. In Japanese mythology, Kojiki is a story closely related to evolution of the universe. It describes the origin of Heaven, Earth and the creation of the Gods. Utilizing Kitaro’s “Kojiki” score as the soundtrack, “Kojiki and The Universe” is a chronicle of astronomical research as well as a beautiful introduction to modern astronomy for everyone. 

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Kitaro Taiko Ceremony at Japanese Alps in 2017

Annual all night Taiko event is one of the Kitaro’s most important lifeworks that has been carried for over decades. This is the event that Kitaro expresses his appreciation to the Mother Earth and the nature. On full moon day, he continuously plays Taiko from sunset to dawn. The great point of this event is that Kitaro welcomes anybody who would like to join and perform with him together.  This is the outdoor event. Please bring the warm clothes, blankets and raincoats for in case it rains.


Date & Time: 6pm on July 29th (Sat) until 6am on 30th (Sun).
Location:Alps Azumino National Government Park, Omachi-shi, Nagano, Japan
Cost: FREE

• In the event of rain, the ceremony will be cancelled.
• We encourage participants to inform the organizer of your participation in advance.
• If you would like to bring your own Taiko, please inform the organizer in advance.
• You can join or leave the event whenever you would like to.
• Please park your car in the parking area. Do not park on the street.
• Event venue is close to the residential area. Once you arrive at the parking, please follow our staff to get to the event. Please do not bother neighbors.
• It is about 12 hours event. We encourage participants to bring snacks or some foods.
• You can set up your tent in the event area. Local accommodation is also available.
• DO NOT forget bringing plastic bags for your garbage. KEEP CLEAN THE NATURE!

Please note: The proceedings of the this event include Kitaro’s prayer for North Alps, and the sacred drumming of the Taiko to express appreciation of the great Earth. Your participation in this event is strictly voluntary, at your own risk, and that you are freely choosing to participate. We are not responsible for any injury, loss, claim, damage, or any direct, incidental or consequential damages of any kind.

For more information, please contact to the event organization at +81 (090) 8852-9142, or +81(090)4442-8086.





割田 090-8852-9142 / 市河 090-4442-8086

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KITARO’s NEW MUSIC Featured TODAY on ECHOES!!! – Coming up on a Slow Flow Echoes Today, new music by Kitaro. After a rest of seven years he continues his trek to the 88 temples of Skikoku, on his album, the Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 5.

KITARO’s NEW MUSIC Featured TODAY July 14, 2017 on ECHOES!!!
Slow Flow Echoes with new music by Kitaro – Friday, July 14th, 2017 – Echoes Program 1728E
Coming up on a Slow Flow Echoes Today, new music by Kitaro. After a rest of seven years he continues his trek to the 88 temples of Skikoku, on his album, the Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 5.
We’ll also hear new music by guitarist Michael Hewett from his album, Muses.
Friday,  July 14th
Echoes Program 1728E
Start Time
Group Name
Song Name
Album Name
First Half Hour
Erik Wollo
Past Theme
Billow Observatory
Tale of Us
Alla Sera
Journey for Nirvana
break -Blow Up Hollywood
Adrift (excerpt)
Second Half Hour
Adam Werner
Psyche vs Soul
The Unfolding
I Came to Leave
Nathan Speir
Familiar Orbits
Justin Walter
Unseen Forces
break -The American Dollar
Flood (excerpt)
Third Half Hour
The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
Blue Filter
Michael Hewett
One Alternative
Roadless Travel
The Journey
Jean-Michel Jarre
Oxygene 17
Max Richter
Genesis of Poetry
break -David Arkenstone
Time Lapse (excerpt)
Fourth Half Hour
Jacob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Joey Barron
Carl Craig
Robert Casady
Off the Cuff
Patrick O’Hearn
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